People on the Go

When you are trying to create healthy routines around your busy schedule, you might fall into the “grab whatever’s handy” trap at meal or snack time.  Levana™ Meal Replacement’s handy single-serve pouches offer you delicious and nutrient-dense meal replacement anytime and anywhere, with fast preparation so you don’t interrupt your routine. Delicious healthy drinks or soups are moments away with Levana™ Meal Replacement and added liquid, and are also easy to use as the base for more substantial quick meals: Throw some quick-cooking grain to the soup, or fruit in the drinks, and you’re good to go!

Levana™ Meal Replacement is much more than a protein powder: While packed with protein, it replicated the nutrition of a full meal with protein, good fats, carbs and vitamins. We’ve got your full nutrition spectrum covered!