Who This Product Is For

Levana Meal Replacement - Healthy Food for Healing Patients

Healing People

If you or a loved one are having challenges with eating because of a health issue, like a sickness, allergy or sensitivity, Levana™ Meal Replacement can help. Levana Krischenbaum developed this product when her own husband was being treated for cancer and unable to eat a regular diet. Made from amazing, pure, simple and familiar foods derived from plants, these complete and balanced meals have a smooth texture, taste great, are easy to digest and help with regularity.

Levana Meal Replacement - Nutritious Meals for Picky Eaters

Picky Eaters

Kids need to eat well to grow, but when you’ve got a picky eater (chicken nuggets anyone?) it can be very challenging to get a complete meal in them. Levana™ Meal Replacement can be the base for your child’s favorite meal to guarantee complete, balanced nutrition without them ever tasting the difference. Try it and see!

Levana Meal Replacement - Healthy Meals for People on the Go

On The Go

You don’t stay in one place very long and it’s hard to make sure you get a fully-balanced meal while you are on the run. We’ve all been there. No open restaurant. Horrible room service. Special dietary needs that cannot be met when you’re away from home. The list goes on! Luckily, Levana™ Meal Replacement offers you five recipes you can easily pack on the go to whip up quickly for a complete, balanced meal.

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