Reinventing Leftovers into a Meal



Leftovers: Reduce, Reuse, Recast!

It’s time to turn your leftovers into a wholesome meal. Maybe your kids are picky eaters and you are struggling to come up with imaginative new ways of giving them leftovers from last night’s dinner. Maybe you simply hate the idea of throwing away perfectly good food. Whatever your situation may be, look no further for advice on how to turn your leftovers into a full and wholesome meal. Boring and uninspired leftover foods, be gone! Say hello to the food of tomorrow.

Learn how to recycle in style

In order to turn your leftover foods into a delicious meal, then you must have a healthy and wholesome meal to begin with! There is no magic trick, and we cannot create something from nothing. In order to recycle your foods in style, the ingredients used in the original dish must be just as wholesome and delicious. Use my Meal Prep Tips and Ideas as a guide! Also, always remember to wrap up all leftovers with care. If the leftover food first and foremost looks unappealing, the chances of anyone eating it are very slim. Wrap up leftovers in clearly marked, separate containers. Cling wrap and tin foil may become your best friends in preparing delicious leftover meals.

Think before you toss!

Get creative and do not be afraid to think outside the box! There are an endless amount of wonderfully original recipes you can create from leftover foods. Allow your new motto to be “Leftovers tonight, dinner tomorrow!”.

Some leftover recipe inspiration to get you started… and check out Levana Cooks for more about reinventing meals!

Frittata (Dairy): Use a large skillet. Olive oil in the bottom. Layer what you have lying around, set on a medium flame: halved roasted tomatoes, frozen thawed chopped spinach, fried onions, fried mushrooms, diced cheddar. Beat together some eggs and milk, and pour this egg mixture evenly over all. Cover and let the mixture firm up slightly, just enough to cut in wedges. Don’t overcook or the eggs will get tough.

Quinoa Pudding (Dessert): Throw some cooked quinoa in a pot with almond milk, oil, golden raisins, brown sugar, cinnamon. Bring to a boil.

Chicken Salad on Mixed Greens (Meat): Diced cooked chicken breasts, diced granny smith apple, diced celery, and some chopped toasted cashews. Make a quick mayo sauce by throwing in some grated horseradish and a drop of almond milk to thin it a little, and pile the whole thing on thinly sliced Romaine hearts.

Wholesome foods galore

Levana Nourishments is a great way to ensure that you are receiving the proper protein and nutrients your body needs. Add a packet in to your latest and greatest leftover recipe creations, and discover just how wholesome they can become. The food of tomorrow is here to stay!

-Talya Hyman

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