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Pecan Brownie Pie with Cranberries Recipe

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Cocoa Coffee Levana Nourishments

pecan brownie pie with cranberries

Brownie Pie with Cranberries!

Pecans, Chocolate, Cranberries: It doesn’t get better!

This time I decided to dream up  a brownie-based tart. My brownies are a big crowd pleaser, with lots of wiggle room to accommodate flavor variations. So I used them as my starting point, and sneaked in a whole bag of fresh cranberries, without upsetting the delicate balance that yields such creamy brownies.

Do not change anything in my brownie pie: It’s fantastic! And so simple.

I had some gluten-free guests, and it was no hardship whatsoever using rice flour.

I love cranberries too much!

I couldn’t bear to be separated until next autumn, so I buy a small truckload of them, and keep them in my freezer year-round.

I love to use my 12 inch pie plate, pictured above. It makes for a dramatic and beautiful presentation. But you could use 2 9″ pie plates instead, only try your best to get pie plates with straight sides (as opposed to the sloping Pyrex pie plates). It will be much easier to serve.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce Recipe

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Mixed Berry Levana Nourishments

strawberry rhubarb sauce

This strawberry rhubarb sauce is thick and dense:

Like a new-age jell-o. But whatever you do, don’t call it Jell-o, or it will sit and cry!

Dare I share the name we give this delightful strawberry rhubarb sauce in my house? OK, but please don’t tell on me: I don’t want anyone saying Bubbie has a naughty mouth (that’s right, my grandchildren are practicing their reading skills!) Poopoo sauce, that’s what! It’s fabulous, OK? We go through gallons of it during Passover!

Frozen fruit is the best: Unprocessed and always unsweetened.

If there is another red fruit combination you prefer (cherries, plums, blackberries etc), of course use it!

Eat the sauce by itself, or as a meat or poultry gravy, or as a garnish for dessert: It’s the best!

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Cornmeal Yogurt Blueberry Pancakes

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Mixed Berry Levana Nourishments

cornmeal yogurt blueberry pancakes

These blueberry pancakes have all the appeal of latkas, without the frying.

My blueberry pancakes are the perfect recipe to play with gluten-free flour. And nobody but you will even notice you made some accommodations for Healthy Gluten-Free Treats.

Don’t be surprised that I use frozen berries!

Unsweetened of course: Frozen Fruit are my great favorite: ready, sweet, delicious, always available, and always affordable. I recently made them with all-blue cornmeal, and they were delicious but they took on an ink-deep blue color, so I decided to make them with regular cornmeal and got the same delicious flavor but more pristine look above. You can easily make these pancakes dairy-free by using any dairy-free milk and yogurt.

You will love the pleasing grittiness of cornmeal in these blueberry pancakes!

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Raw Overnight Oats Recipe. All Variations

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Vanilla Bean Levana Nourishments

raw overnight oats chia

Overnight Oats are a super healthy and super quick breakfast treat.

Steel-cut oats, are my rock-star grain and are perfect in this overnight oats breakfast. There’s nothing you can’t do with steel-cut oats. They are naturally gluten-free too, as long as they are marked gluten-free, which will clearly indicate the steel-cut oats were processed in gluten-free machinery. Take a look at the superfoods lineup of ingredients in this overnight oats recipe!

I highly recommend Kathy Hester’s Book OATrageous, where she shares over a hundred fantastic and easy oat-based recipes, both savory and sweet, even oat-based bath products!

In my overnight oats, no cooking and no mess whatsoever!

The steel-cut oats “cook” just by soaking them in a liquid. The resulting pudding is, just like Kathy Hester says, OATrageous! Want your rice pudding to be super delicious and super nutritious? Make it with steel-cut oats, and get optimal nutrition even at breakfast time, even at dessert time, as this dish is a good enough treat to serve for dessert too!

Below is the basic recipe just as I made it in my tinkering with raw steel-cut oats pudding on my first try, and I will include all variations.

The chia seeds contribute a pleasant viscosity to the final texture;

Chia seeds are a worthwhile match for the steel-cut oats on every count: cute look, flavor, texture, amazing nutritional contribution.

Although I greatly value old fashioned oats and use them extensively (as a quick soup thickener, in cookies, in bread doughs, even in meatloaf, kugel and veggie burgers), for this raw overnight pudding we only want the steel-cut oats. Old-fashioned oats, shaped as thin slices, would absorb the liquid too quickly and get mushy, and you would end up with not enough texture.

So: Steel-cut oats is the way to go for this overnight oats breakfast.

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Patriotic Mocktails Recipes. All Variations

Mocktails: Mock Cocktails. Get it?

You can have every bit as much fun with delicious and exciting non-alcoholic drinks, saving on sugar, empty calories and yes, alcohol.

Make your mocktails Fun and FUNctional!

I am including Levana Nourishments in my mocktails for maximum nutrition.

In honor of July 4th, let’s make some patriotic mocktails:

Grand old mocktails the colors of the Grand Old Flag!

Get yourself a high quality blender:

You will get a perfectly smooth mixture even while you keep all the fiber in.

Frozen Vegetables and Fruits:

My favorites: intensely flavored, clean, cut, at the height of their ripeness and sweetness.

Less ice, more frozen veggies and fruits!

Good patriotic cook that I am, I am thinking red food, white food, blue foods. The more intense the food color, the more nourishing the food. Please include even the ones you think are weird: cauliflower, white beans, jicama etc… They will add bulk and texture and will go totally undetected.

Think Red

Mixed Berry Levana Nourishments, raspberries, cooked beets (canned, frozen or vacuum-packed cooked), watermelon, red chard, strawberries, rhubarb, pomegranate, cherries, cranberries.

Think White:

Vanilla Bean Levana Nourishments, Banana, cauliflower (raw or frozen), old-fashioned oats, coconut, pears, jicama, peeled cucumber, peeled celery, fennel, frozen or canned artichoke hearts, raw or cooked corn, tofu, cooked white beans.

Think Blue

Mixed Berry Levana Nourishments, blueberries, purple kale, purple carrots, dark plums, dark grapes, raw or cooked purple cauliflower, purple cabbage, dark figs


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